Snapcraft call for testing

snapcraft 2.30 has been tagged and released, it is currently available on the beta channels for each architecture:

Track    Arch    Channel    Version    Revision
latest   amd64   stable     -          -
                 candidate  2.29.1     99
                 beta       2.30       175
                 edge       2.30       175
         arm64   stable     -          -
                 candidate  2.29.1     97
                 beta       2.30       177
                 edge       2.30       177
         armhf   stable     -          -
                 candidate  2.29.1     98
                 beta       2.30       178
                 edge       2.30       178
         i386    stable     -          -
                 candidate  2.29.1     96
                 beta       2.30       176
                 edge       2.30       176

We would appreciate a round of testing from our users. There is a new UI for the command line in place which we hope will be welcomed. The full release notes are here. Feel free to try out the new features or ensure the ones you rely on still work!

To test you would need to install from the beta channel, ensure the version matches:

sudo snap install snapcraft --classic --beta

Please report back on this post if you find any blocker or discovered issue while testing this out.

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My manual and exploratory testing report:

Bugs found