Snapcraft as a snap

I can’t find anything about this. Will Snapcraft be available as a .snap package and be in the store eventually? If so, when?

Yes, right now. :slight_smile:

 % snap info snapcraft
name:      snapcraft
summary:   "easily create snaps"
publisher: canonical
description: |
  Snapcraft aims to make upstream developers' lives easier and as such is not a
  single toolset, but instead is a collection of tools that enable the natural
  workflow of an upstream to be extended with a simple release step into Snappy
  enabled system.
  candidate: 2.29.1 (99)  53MB classic
  beta:      2.30   (175) 53MB classic
  edge:      2.30   (175) 53MB classic

Thanks, found it now. When I tried sudo snap install snapcraft it wouldn’t work. I realized that I need to add --classic --<channel>. Wasn’t able to find it by press tab or using sudo snap find snapcraft. It that a bug?

snap find only lists snaps published to the stable channel.