Snapcraft a prebuilt python app (no file)


I’m working on snapping Timeline, a python app which provide a “prebuilt” zip without any file :

For now, i’m using the trick described in the post Add external resources into final snap : download the zip of the app, extract it to my snap folder and copy these files with dump plugin.

Here is my working snapcraft.yaml :

If you take a look at the file revisions, you will see i’ve tried many ways to get the app directly from the app repo without using the dump plugin, no success.

Anybody could advice me on a way to handle this case ? Any advice on my snap fil would be helpful too, since it’s my first shot on snapcraft :slight_smile:

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Playing with override-build to copy the source files of the app to /var/opt/timeline seems to work, see the latest revision of my snapcraft file :

Maybe it would be better to do it with dump plugin, not sure…

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That’s how I’d do it as well, I think you found the right path. Using the dump plugin wouldn’t get python into the snap, so it would probably end up being more work.

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