Snapcraft 4.6 no longer uses .snapcraft/snapcraft.cfg?

Does snapcraft 4.6 no longer use the file .snapcraft/snapcraft.cfg? A quick look at suggests this to be the case.

If this file is no longer supported, what is the preferred way to provide login information to snapcraft when it is run in something like CI? Documentation like still suggests using .snapcraft/snapcraft.cfg.

You can still use that file for your credentials, but you must explicitly load it when you run your CI:

snapcraft login --with .snapcraft/snapcraft.cfg
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Thanks for the info.

For what it’s worth, this change broke my project’s CI setup without any warning as far as I can tell. There was no output about the upcoming change from snapcraft or user understandable warning/mention of this change in Snapcraft’s release notes. Also, as far as I can tell, there is no official documentation on how to set this up with guides like the one from Circle CI being one of the top Google search results.

I bring this up just to share the experience on our end as heavy snapcraft users. If there’s anything we can do to better get notified of these changes in advance or follow better practices when using snapcraft, I’d love to hear about it.


We try to minimize breaking changes for this reason, our apologies for breaking your workflow. I think we missed the fact that it was documented somewhere (and people were using it). Regardless, I agree we should have documented it better in the release notes.

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I appreciate it. I know changing software and communicating those changes to users is hard.