Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!

I’ll take a look at it

Awesome! Thanks man.

The build instructions don’t appear to have been updated for any Ubuntu version beyond 9.04 for Kwooty

Mail in a Box would be nice:

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A great part of the gaming and snaps community will appreciate if you could make a version of snap version.
Thank you for your time and hard work.
P.S .This link is to help you with what dependencies you need

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VirtualBox requires KMS. I think that is out-of-scope for SNAP at this time.

The in-built Google integration for Drive is slow on a good day. It isn’t much of a sync. More of a shortcut and FUSE helper IMO.

as does qemu :wink:

(read: this shouldnt be a showstopper)


ARM builds for VS Code and Sublime Text!!

Also ripgrep

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@kevinjlausen the Scratch2 question was posed 18 weeks ago (second post down)

although its a bit nebulous ~ słońca.

Wine App Suggestion

This is available as the snap-store snap, check it out?

@admins, please consider pinning this post considering it’s usefulness, thanks!

This devtools might be handy:

validator/validator: The Nu Html Checker – Helps you catch unintended mistakes in your HTML, CSS, and SVG

both in daemon mode and local mode.

Odin as a winesnap


FreeFileSync :slight_smile:

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mixxx Free and open source DJ software

Radiotray-NG very simple to use radio program to listen to radio stations which rests in system tray.

Beside 64-bit please also create 32-bit package. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 on old laptop only capable of running 32-bit applications. I have wasted two hours to create package from source code. Radiotray-NG requires never version of cmake compiler to compile from source code then the one by default available in Ubuntu 16.04. There is cmake deb package on official web site, but only for 64-bit computers, but no 32-bit one. I was required to download source code for cmake compiler!!! and self-compile and install it. Then second step download Radiotray-NG source code and compile and install it. Installing software on Ubuntu should NOT be so difficult. Please, please, please can someone create a snap package.