Snap Visibility options website bug

@verterok Hello verterok. Here is another strange bug we’re having in the store.

I’m having a strange problem in the Snap store where when we update the PRIVATE, UNLISTED, or PUBLIC settings in our Snap options… they don’t actually save to your database. They revert back even though it says it’s saved. Here is a video recording to explain the details.

Hello @review-team . Is there any technical issues or bugs going on with the snap store? The options will not change from private to unlisted. Video of the issue in the previous thread.

Hi Robert,

We’ve looked into this, but we couldn’t reproduce this on our own snaps (across 2 users and multiple snaps). We’re hoping to gather more debugging information, so could you please retry this in a new/guest browser session (to rule out authentication issues)?

If the issue persists, then could we please seek your permission to try the same action on your snap on our side (private → unlisted)?


Bowen (Store Engineer)

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After a closer look we found that this is most likely because cluemaster-mediadisplay-core doesn’t have a description set. The backend API expects the field not to be empty, so the solution is to set something here.

We’ll look into updating the frontend to reflect the error. Thanks!


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@ClueMaster the fix to the frontend is now live too, so you should see an error message if you try to make the change again.

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That worked! Thank you. The error now says why it won’t save the settings. I filled out the description again and now it saves. I have no idea how that got deleted but it’s back and we are good. Thank you.