Snap version of Firefox doesn't respond to keyboard input

I just upgraded from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04, and so my Firefox installation was converted to a snap. This would be fine except that Firefox is no longer accepting keyboard input. Mouse input seems to work fine, but typing anywhere that should accept keyboard input yields nothing. I’ve looked for this question online in a few places, but haven’t seen it actually answered. I’m not even sure how to diagnose this, much less fix it.

I’ve switched back to the deb version of Firefox for now and that seems to work fine, but obviously I’d like the standard installation. Any clues out there? Thanks!

That’s unexpected for sure, and I haven’t seen other reports of a similar issue.

Do other apps packaged as snaps exhibit the same problem? (try e.g. gedit, chromium or libreoffice from the snap store)

Can you share details about your setup (hardware, desktop environment, display server in use, …)?

Can you share the output of the following commands?

snap info snapd gnome-3-38-2004 firefox

snap connections firefox

also snap version so we can see the kernel version in use …

So the snap version is this…

$ snap version
snap    2.56.2+22.04ubuntu1
snapd   2.56.2+22.04ubuntu1
series  16
ubuntu  22.04
kernel  5.15.0-46-generic

And I installed gedit and it had the same problem; not accepting keyboard input. However there were some interesting messages in the console…

$ sudo snap install gedit
[sudo] password for jason: 
gedit 40.1-14-g0850b4ae32 from Canonical✓ installed
$ which gedit
$ gedit

(gedit:18856): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: 09:43:03.588: Error creating IO channel for /proc/self/mountinfo: Permission denied (g-file-error-quark, 2)

(gedit:18856): IBUS-WARNING **: 09:43:03.915: Unable to connect to ibus: Could not connect: Permission denied

(gedit:18856): IBUS-WARNING **: 09:43:08.252: Events queue growing too big, will start to drop.

(gedit:18856): IBUS-WARNING **: 09:43:08.332: Events queue growing too big, will start to drop.

(gedit:18856): IBUS-WARNING **: 09:43:08.413: Events queue growing too big, will start to drop.

(gedit:18856): IBUS-WARNING **: 09:43:08.484: Events queue growing too big, will start to drop.

(gedit:18856): IBUS-WARNING **: 09:43:08.580: Events queue growing too big, will start to drop.

(gedit:18856): IBUS-WARNING **: 09:43:08.644: Events queue growing too big, will start to drop.

(gedit:18856): IBUS-WARNING **: 09:43:08.732: Events queue growing too big, will start to drop.


$ snap info snapd gnome-3-38-2004 firefox
name:      snapd
summary:   Daemon and tooling that enable snap packages
publisher: Canonical✓
license:   GPL-3.0
description: |
  Install, configure, refresh and remove snap packages. Snaps are
  'universal' packages that work across many different Linux systems,
  enabling secure distribution of the latest apps and utilities for
  cloud, servers, desktops and the internet of things.
  Start with 'snap list' to see installed snaps.
type:         snapd
snap-id:      PMrrV4ml8uWuEUDBT8dSGnKUYbevVhc4
tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: 26 days ago, at 19:15 EDT
  latest/stable:    2.56.2                 2022-07-06 (16292) 49MB -
  latest/candidate: 2.57                   2022-08-09 (16706) 50MB -
  latest/beta:      2.57.1                 2022-08-10 (16778) 50MB -
  latest/edge:      2.57.1+git807.g7eed60a 2022-08-16 (16831) 50MB -
installed:          2.56.2                            (16292) 49MB snapd
name:      gnome-3-38-2004
summary:   Shared GNOME 3.38 Ubuntu stack
publisher: Canonical✓
license:   unset
description: |
  This snap includes a GNOME 3.38 stack (the base libraries and desktop
  integration components) and shares it through the content interface.
snap-id:      rw36mkAjdIKl13dzfwyxP87cejpyIcct
tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: 3 days ago, at 12:06 EDT
  latest/stable:    0+git.891e5bc 2022-06-28 (112) 420MB -
  latest/candidate: 0+git.891e5bc 2022-06-23 (112) 420MB -
  latest/beta:      ↑                                    
  latest/edge:      0+git.6ed44b3 2022-05-13 (105) 266MB -
installed:          0+git.891e5bc            (112) 420MB -
name:      firefox
summary:   Mozilla Firefox web browser
publisher: Mozilla✓
license:   unset
description: |
  Firefox is a powerful, extensible web browser with support for modern web
  application technologies.
  - firefox
  - firefox.geckodriver
snap-id:      3wdHCAVyZEmYsCMFDE9qt92UV8rC8Wdk
tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: today at 22:44 EDT
  latest/stable:    103.0.2-1    2022-08-09 (1670) 171MB -
  latest/candidate: 104.0-2      2022-08-16 (1708) 171MB -
  latest/beta:      104.0b9-1    2022-08-12 (1689) 171MB -
  latest/edge:      105.0a1      2022-08-16 (1707) 182MB -
  esr/stable:       91.12.0esr-1 2022-07-26 (1588) 161MB -
  esr/candidate:    102.2.0esr-1 2022-08-15 (1701) 169MB -
  esr/beta:         ↑                                    
  esr/edge:         102.1.0esr-1 2022-07-26 (1592) 169MB -
installed:          103.0.2-1               (1670) 171MB -


$ snap connections firefox
Interface                 Plug                            Slot                             Notes
audio-playback            firefox:audio-playback          :audio-playback                  -
audio-record              firefox:audio-record            :audio-record                    -
avahi-observe             firefox:avahi-observe           :avahi-observe                   -
browser-support           firefox:browser-sandbox         :browser-support                 -
camera                    firefox:camera                  :camera                          -
content[gnome-3-38-2004]  firefox:gnome-3-38-2004         gnome-3-38-2004:gnome-3-38-2004  -
content[gtk-3-themes]     firefox:gtk-3-themes            gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes   -
content[icon-themes]      firefox:icon-themes             gtk-common-themes:icon-themes    -
content[sound-themes]     firefox:sound-themes            gtk-common-themes:sound-themes   -
cups-control              firefox:cups-control            :cups-control                    -
dbus                      -                               firefox:dbus-daemon              -
desktop                   firefox:desktop                 :desktop                         -
desktop-legacy            firefox:desktop-legacy          :desktop-legacy                  -
gsettings                 firefox:gsettings               :gsettings                       -
hardware-observe          firefox:hardware-observe        :hardware-observe                -
home                      firefox:home                    :home                            -
joystick                  firefox:joystick                :joystick                        -
mpris                     -                               firefox:mpris                    -
network                   firefox:network                 :network                         -
network-bind              firefox:network-bind            :network-bind                    -
network-observe           firefox:network-observe         -                                -
opengl                    firefox:opengl                  :opengl                          -
personal-files            firefox:dot-mozilla-firefox     :personal-files                  -
removable-media           firefox:removable-media         :removable-media                 -
screen-inhibit-control    firefox:screen-inhibit-control  :screen-inhibit-control          -
system-files              firefox:etc-firefox-policies    :system-files                    -
system-packages-doc       firefox:system-packages-doc     :system-packages-doc             -
u2f-devices               firefox:u2f-devices             :u2f-devices                     -
unity7                    firefox:unity7                  :unity7                          -
upower-observe            firefox:upower-observe          :upower-observe                  -
wayland                   firefox:wayland                 :wayland                         -
x11                       firefox:x11                     :x11                             -

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well, if you see it in gedit as well, this looks like a general problem with snaps on your system, not actually like a firefox problem …

is this a normal ubuntu default desktop session or has anything been modified ?

also, what’s your locale/language ?

This is an XFCE desktop environment, but otherwise stock. Locale is pretty basic…

$ locale

Installed Xubuntu 22.04 LTS from scratch and that seemed to solve the problem. Sigh.