Snap-update-ns failed with code 1:

Hey everyone I’m using Kali Linux and when I try to open an app after rebooting my computer I’m having this problem.

cannot change profile for the next exec call: No such file or directory
snap-update-ns failed with code 1: No such file or directory

What should I do?

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. What’s the output of the following command:-

snap version

Did you recently update the kernel perhaps?

snap 2.41
snapd 2.41
series 16
kali 2019.4
kernel 5.2.0-kali2-amd64
Yes i did.

Do you have any idea?

What is your home directory? Is it /<username> or is it /home/<username> ?

Hello good afternoon! I’m having the same problem! My home is : /home/username. If anyone can help me, I’m having the same problem on kali linux, latest version. Every time I restart the computer I have to uninstall and install my apps installed by snap.