Snap store stopped reporting about a snap after closing a track

After unpublishing a snap, snap info was not finding it anymore:

abeato@numancia:~$ snap info modem-manager
name:      modem-manager
summary:   ModemManager is a service which controls mobile broadband
publisher: Canonical✓
license:   GPL-2.0
description: |
  ModemManager is a DBus-activated daemon which controls mobile broadband
  (2G/3G/4G) devices and connections. Whether built-in devices, USB dongles,
  bluetooth-paired telephones or professional RS232/USB devices with external
  power supplies, ModemManager is able to prepare and configure the modems and
  setup connections with them.
  Please find the source code at    manager
snap-id: KtwxgRlwCAVKFw92BUdt1WloH1Va3QPo
  stable:        1.8.0-10     2019-06-25 (267) 5MB -
  candidate:     1.8.0-10     2019-06-25 (267) 5MB -
  beta:          1.8.0-10     2019-06-24 (267) 5MB -
  edge:          1.8.0-11-dev 2019-06-24 (274) 5MB -
  1.9/stable:    –                                 
  1.9/candidate: –                                 
  1.9/beta:      1.9.0-GM1    2018-12-04 (209) 6MB -
  1.9/edge:      1.9.0-GM1    2018-12-04 (209) 6MB -
abeato@numancia:~/src/snappy/modem-manager$ snapcraft close modem-manager 1.9/beta
Track    Arch    Channel    Version    Revision
1.9      amd64   stable     -          -
                 candidate  -          -
                 beta       -          -
                 edge       1.9.0-GM1  209

The 1.9/beta channel is now closed.
abeato@numancia:~/src/snappy/modem-manager$ snapcraft close modem-manager 1.9/edge
Track    Arch    Channel    Version    Revision

The 1.9/edge channel is now closed.
abeato@numancia:~/src/snappy/modem-manager$ snap info modem-manager
error: no snap found for "modem-manager"
abeato@numancia:~/src/snappy/modem-manager$ snap download modem-manager
Traer snap "modem-manager"
error: cannot download snap "modem-manager": no snap revision available as specified

Fortunately, I was able to revert the situation by going to the dashboard, then publishing the 267 revision to edge (where it was not before). After that I published 274 to edge again.

The situation was fine all the time from the dashboard, but not when running commands from the command line.

Hello @abeato,

That was a strange behaviour. I’ll try to reproduce it.

Meanwhile, what snap version are you using?


@facundobatista this is what I am using:

$ snap version
snap    2.39.3
snapd   2.39.3
series  16
ubuntu  18.04
kernel  4.15.0-54-generic
$ snapcraft version
snapcraft, version 3.6

What looks suspicious to me is that when I closed the latest “risk” from the 1.9 channel, then what snapcraft reported was that there was no channel, which did not happen when I removed 1.9/beta. Maybe something (snapcraft, store?) thinks that it is closing the last available channel, but that is not true as “latest” has not been closed?

I think that is ok. Look to the previous step, when you closed 1.9/beta, as a result it showed you the channel map for 1.9 track, which had only edge published. Then you closed 1.9/edge, and then it showed (again) the channel map for 1.9 track, which now is empty.

The problem is that snap info should still show the whole channel map, which has releases in latest, as it was shown in the beginning.

Right, I had not noticed that. Note though that this looks more a store problem than related to snapd, as snap info was not providing info about modem-manager in a different device as well.

FTR, this was fixed in production a couple of weeks ago (forgot to tell here).