Snap-store-proxy status and got : snapstorage: not running: [Errno 111] Connection refused


I got the following error when I type “# snap-store-proxy status” :

Store URL: http://snaps.myorg012345678.internal - [Errno 16] Device or resource busy (check snap-proxy config proxy.domain)

Store DB: ok

Failed to fetch local assertions: 503 Server Error: Service Unavailable for url:

Store is in device authenticated air-gapped mode

Store ID: 34Ye6ZcfhNz9zvd2d4KcwTGACcYYsW6N

Custom local stores: none

Local account keys:

Account ID Name Public Key SHA3-384

Internal Service Status:

memcached: running

nginx: running

packagereview: running

packagereview-worker: running

publishergw: running

snapassert: running

snapauth: running

snapdevicegw: running

snapdevicegw-local: running

snapident: running

snapproxy: running

snaprevs: running

snapstorage: not running: [Errno 111] Connection refused

And # snap logs snap-store-proxy, I got :

2024-01-18T10:06:01-05:00 snap-store-proxy.snapstorage[23142]: 2024-01-18 10:06:01.076Z FATAL snapstorage "pq: SSL is not enabled on the server"

2024-01-18T10:06:01-05:00 systemd[1]: snap.snap-store-proxy.snapstorage.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE

2024-01-18T10:06:01-05:00 systemd[1]: snap.snap-store-proxy.snapstorage.service: Failed with result ‘exit-code’.

can you help me find the problem?

Thank you in advance !!