Snap store page shows 404 error

My snap shows “404: Aw, snap! We couldn’t find that page”.

Snap name is GeoJSON,

Please advise.

Kindly check if you’ve kept your snap private or unlisted. Check it in this website.

It’s public and always been. Attaching a screenshot.

P.S. The same thing is displayed with other 2 of my snaps: RealPong and Beesweeper.

Thanks, Yuriy.

Kindly show us a screenshot of the Releases page

Here it is.

this surely looks like a store bug … searching for geojson even finds it but the link then 404s too …

snap info shows the information perfectly BTW

Please advise what can be done on my end. The snaps are public and were showing the correct link until a few weeks ago; not that I check them often.


I suspect you’ll have to wait til Monday when store people that can look at it are around…

No problem. Thank you.

I confirm the same bug with my snap: It public, listed in store when searching but 404 when navigate.

I think this might be an issue with specifically and having “excluded territories”. Looking into it :).

1 Like is missing as well.

Hi all, we have pushed out a fix for this. I’ve checked that the bendyroad, reporter, and geojson snaps are all listed correctly now, thanks!


Thank you, all my snaps are showing up correctly.

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Thanks, it works now!