Snap store page missing content


The Autopsy snap was approved for the store which is great. I’m having a small issue with the icon and license as displayed in the store page . Currently, in the snapcraft.yaml , I have icon: snap/gui/autopsy.png which seems to be a valid path relative to the snap root, and the image is 256x256 and 48kb. For the license, I have license: Apache-2.0 which appears to be a valid SPDX license. I have since tried overriding the icon and license specified in the snapcraft in the listing. I was able to correct the license, but the icon doesn’t appear in the store, and I would rather the page contents were coming straight from the snap metadata for any future updates we make. Is there a way to correct this issue? Thanks,


Also, just to tag onto this, I made an account on ubuntu one, and didn’t fully understand the implications that my user account and name would be the publisher for the snap. I’m trying to change the username and display name accordingly, and I’m hitting a weird issue. I was able to change my user account display name successfully, but my username is not what I changed it to. Here’s the listing:

which is consistent with my snapcraft account information:

but when I click on ‘Edit Details’, the information is inconsistent with ubuntu one at

Does this information just take time to propagate?

Hi @moderators, sorry if I’m tagging the wrong group here, but I was wondering if there is anything I can do on my end to correct this issue. Thanks for your time,


Hi @dclane and @Igor , sorry to bother you, but I wasn’t quite sure who to tag with this. Is there anything I can do on my end to correct the issue of:

  • Showing the icon for autopsy on the store page
  • Having my username change for my ubuntu one account reflected in the snapcraft page. Is this simply a matter of creating a new account and then juggling out who the owner is of the snap?

Hi gregd. I’m not 100% sure if there’s a better solution to the publisher / Ubuntu One account issue, but I’m far from an expert in this domain. Your idea seems like the easiest solution I can think of, but maybe @odysseus-k might have an idea. It doesn’t hurt to loop them in anyway as a heads up that a transfer request will probably follow.

For the Icon issue and license issue, I’ve not encountered these myself but I suspect it’s todo with the “update metadata on release” issue, discussed here and here. Check the autopsy store settings page for that setting.

Thank you for your thoughts, @dclane ; I appreciate it.