Snap-store not working with fonts-powerline installed

The snap-store and other snaps not working at all (segfault) when package “fonts-powerline” is installed in Ubuntu 20.04.

I can’t reproduce this on 20.04 or 20.10 with fonts-powerline installed. Are you sure it’s fonts-powerline that’s the culprit?

Can you try the following snaps and tell me if any of these work:

  • gnome-calculator
  • inkscape
  • chromium
  • gtk-3-examples

Is there any console output when run from a terminal?

OK tried to reproduce the issue… After reinstalling the package “fonts-powerline” everything works, as without the fonts package.

The issue occured after an update of snapd while had the fonts installed… I also had an issue with xournalpp which only showed squares instead of letters in the menu bar.

The error-message of the snap-store was something about pango that fonts could not be used…

I will have an eye on that. For now it seems to work as expected.