Snap store not launching

Hi everybody, I’m a newbie. I installed snapd, snap-store on Kali Linux. But there is no snap store app in Kali Linux application menu. When I type ‘snap-store’ in terminal it shows…

root@kali:~# snap-store
12:39:40:0390 GLib-GIO g_dbus_proxy_new_sync: assertion ‘G_IS_DBUS_CONNECTION (connection)’ failed
12:39:40:0408 Gs enabled plugins: odrs, rewrite-resource, snap, icons, key-colors, key-colors-metadata
12:39:40:0408 Gs disabled plugins: appstream, desktop-categories, desktop-menu-path, dpkg, dummy, epiphany, fedora-pkgdb-collections, generic-updates, hardcoded-blacklist, hardcoded-featured, hardcoded-popular, modalias, os-release, provenance, provenance-license, repos, shell-extensions
Segmentation fault

Any suggestions to solve the problem would be great