Snap-store not connecting to snapcraft

When I launch snap-store I get the initial window open and it displays the editor’s picks and the various categories.

But, if I select one of the links, categories, or try to do a search, I either get a never ending churning indicator, or the resulting view is empty. If I click on the “installed apps” tab, then it shows me the installed apps.

I get the idea that the snap-store app is not connecting to the snapcraft site.

Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this?

If I use the command line and try to do a search, it seems to work. Also, using the snap-store --verbose, sudo dmesg, and the like do not provide any indication that there are errors. I also tried restarting snapd service. None of these seemed to help.

Thanks for any help,

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You should try filing a bug upstream at for the snap-store snap, the #store category is meant for the snap store server itself.