Snap Store Manual Approval ETA

Is there an ETA for manual approvals? I have the snap, captive-portal-login waiting for approval due to it being a classic snap. I’m wondering is this will be in the “days” or “weeks” timeframe?

Also, would this manual approval be needed upon every snap push? Or just the first time?

It shouldn’t take long most of the time, it does take longer however for confinement: classic snaps. While I am not part of the process, these things can speed it up (given the sensibility of a classic snap):

  • be the actual upstream for the snap
  • build and push revisions using ci (, launchpad, travis, …)

@evan, can you take a look at this snap (or assign someone)?

Hi @FelicianoTech,

I’ve followed up in the store review for captive-portal-login. You should have a new email, but you can also get to the review here.


Thanks @evan. I followed up yesterday as well. That dashboard is open-source? I definitely see UX improvements there in terms of the commenting back and forth for reviews. Even being able to respond to the email to respond to the review comment would be great.

The dashboard isn’t open source¹, but issue tracking and prioritisation are done in the open. You can file any problems you find against the snapstore project.


¹ There’s an open source reference implementation