Snap store maintenance Apr 21 ~01:00 UTC

Tonight we’ll migrate to a new database server during APAC morning (around 01:00 UTC). At the same time we’ll also split off the web UI for series 16 snaps to

These changes won’t affect snapd operations on public snaps (they’ll be served by and the CDN during the migration), but there will be a disruption to snapcraft uploads and interactions with the store website, as well as installation of private snaps.

As part of this migration, the main store web UI will move from to This will initially have minimal UI differences, but will handle only series 16 snaps. The existing site will remain for clicks and 15.04 snaps, and will direct users to the new site for series 16 snaps. The APIs on used by snapd and snapcraft will be transparently forwarded to the new service, so existing tools will be unaffected.

We’ll update this thread when the maintenance is complete or if we need to reschedule.

Thank you for your patience.


We’re just finishing up the changes now. The store website will be down for a little while as we finalise the database upgrades.

We’re all done. is up and running, and old URLs redirect to it. Our database and application servers are fresh and fast, and everything’s operating smoothly.

Thanks for your patience during these upgrades.


MyApps says “Your series 16 snaps can now be found at” but it’s buried at the bottom of the page. @noise what do you think of making this more prominent?

Thanks for the smooth migration!

For future events that we know in advance, it would be great to have a few more days of heads up about the downtime window, so people have a better chance of having read the notice before it goes down.

Agreed, this one happened to be particularly hard to schedule.