Snap Store installation problem

I was looking for some softwares on my old laptop (eMachines E510, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 32bit, not bad actually), so I went to install “Snap Store”, because I got tired of using the terminal for almost everything.
This is the error it gave to me:
"error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Mount snap “snap-store” (app description field ‘command’ contains illegal “snap/command-chain/snapcraft-runner $SNAP/command-snap-store.wrapper” (legal: ‘^[A-Za-z0-9/. _#:-]*$’))"

any ideas how to fix it?
or maybe I just have to install the 64bit version of this ubuntu?

-problems got fixed
-thanks for all the help

Sorry about this.
It should work with 32-bit Ubuntu. I suspect it’s because the version of snapd you have is old, and there’s something in the snap-store snap that your snapd doesn’t like. If you install another snap, that will trigger an update to snapd to the latest release which will fix the install of snap-store snap.

So, if you could do the following, and paste the output here.

snap version

To find out what version of snapd you’re on.

Next, try this to update your snapd

snap install hello-world

Then run snap version again, maybe it’s updated?

Then try snap install snap-store again?

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I tried out. It doesn’t even wants to show the snap version:
“error: Unknown command `version’. Please specify one command of: abort, ack, changes, connect, disconnect, find, install, interfaces, known, list, login, logout, refresh or remove”
I’ve already updated my snapd. This time, if I want to install snap-store, it says: “error: access denied”

There is something really messed up here. Even, I couldn’t update firefox in the Software Centre, or anything else.

Please run apt show snapd in a terminal and paste the output.

If snap version didn’t work, try snap --version.

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notebook@v1treon:~$ snap --version
error: unknown flag `version’

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Sorry for all these debugging questions. It’s very good of you to provide these responses, as it’s entirely possible other users have a similar issue we’re unaware of. So we do appreciate this.

Can you please add:

apt-cache policy snapd
dpkg -l "snap*"


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Also, please, command -v snap


second one:
| Állapot=nem(n)/telepített(i)/ütköző-fájlok©/kibontatlan(u)/félig-
| ütköző(f)/félig-telepített(h)/aktiválóra-vár(w)/aktiváló-függőben(t)
|/ Hiba?=(nem)/újratelepítés-szükséges® (Állapot,Hiba: nagybetű=rossz)
||/ Név Verzió Architektúra Leírás
un snap (nincs leírás)
ii snapd 2.0.2 i386 Tool to interact with Ubuntu Core
un snappy (nincs leírás)

Ok, you have not done any software updates on this system since install? Can you please…

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade

That should get you up to date.

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that’s the locaiton i guess


Before I do it, I don’t want to upgrade to 18.04 LTS

it will get this (already a little slow) even more slower

that’s a no

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That won’t upgrade to 18.04. It will just do the necessary 16.04 updates.


670 frissített (updated), 14 újonnan telepített (newly installed), 0 eltávolítandó (to delete) és 1 nem frissített (not updated).

So once all that has finished, reboot and you’ll be all nicely up to date. The snap version command should then work, and the ultimate goal snap install snap-store should also work :slight_smile:

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Did you install the updates and reboot as previously discussed?

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Of course I did. this 20 characters thing is… idk

So what does apt-cache policy snapd and dpkg -l "snap*" show now?