Snap store Feedback and improvement request

Hello. To begin let me thank all the developers for working to make good software.

Unlike how some users have been I’m usually fine with Canonical trying to make something new and trying things out. Snaps however have me a bit puzzled. Upon looking into everything it all seems like snaps are a good idea going in the right direction but there are still some quality of life improvements that need to be made for unsophisticated users like me.

1: Please improve the software store.
A: The name, pick one. It seems that with each LTS of Ubuntu the software center, store, package manager keeps getting a new name.
B: If the software store is supposed to make snaps discoverable then maybe a designer and a marketer need to work together to make the information presented in the snap store more organized and useful for users who are not programmers. Think slick and appealing.
C: If Snaps are supposed to blend into the background without users even knowing if they are using a snap or a deb then please start combining all the versions of a particular software onto one page in the store and then on that one page give the user the option of which package version to choose. By putting snaps and debs as completely separate entries in the store users like me are confused about which to choose. We scratch our heads and wonders if one is fake or a scam. Think of it this way, when you go to the dropbox website you only go to one site and on the site you are presented with the option of RPM or DEB. That process makes sense. I don’t go to a completely different site to get the DEB version of dropbox.
D: Failing C, please put all the snaps into their own store and all the debs into their own store. I used to dislike the gnome based store in 18.04 so I was using Synaptic and the snap store and that seemed to work well for me but I can’t do that because the snap store now shows debs too. Having to deal with a store that mixes snaps and debs together seems troublesome. When I want to download a program for my Android phone seeing more than one copy of the app in the store is an instant red flag.
E: If snaps and debs absolutely MUST be in the same store and MUST each have their own page then please put a logo on the picture of the app indicating that it is either a deb or a snap.
F: Also, it seems hit or miss if the store is able to tell me what software I have installed or not. Sometimes it shows it but often it is just blank.
G: Please ask app developers to clearly label if an app requires purchase, has in app purchases, or has ads. Seriously, someone take a look at the Play Store on their android phone. The Play Store is a package manager. No, it’s not perfect but there are thinks that can be learned there.

2: Please find a way for plugins like TTS for Libreoffice to work as a snaps.

3: Sometimes I install a snap but later I can’t find it at all only to discover that it wasn’t installed for the user but rather for ROOT. This is the case for snaps like PACE, which seems really odd behavior.

4: Software that seems like it would work very well as a snap seeing as how they depend on things that no longer ship with Ubuntu aren’t in the store yet. Flint and OpenMW come to mind.

Anyway, I thought I had more to say but that is about it. I thank everyone for your hard work and I hope to see many great things from Snaps and Canonical.