Snap Store failure to update

I have an issue with the ubuntu store, unfortunately it won’t update I keep getting this message
unable to get list of updates: remote lvfs has no cache signature and no apps are showing, I can’t seem to find a fix for the issue, I’m still new to ubuntu.

if someone could help thank you I’ve even reinstalled the OS 2 or 3 times

Not seen that before. Is it the dialog you see in this askubuntu question?

yeah it is the same dialog

Hi all!

I got the exact same message in a fresh Ubuntu 20.04.1 install.


I do not have fwupd snap installed like in the askubuntu question link above by @popey , the fwupd is the apt package installed automatic, i do not installed my self. Im using old lenovo laptop btw. This is the first time that this happen, this do not happen before. this happen when you us the “refresh” bottom (the one with the circular arrow in the top left corner) in the Ubuntu Software app.

Maybe this need to be reported as a bug report in launchpad snap-store?

just to let you know, I install Ubuntu 20.10, this massage in snap store app does not appear in groovy gorilla

just kill the process and re-run.

What suggested here didn’t work, I found that after I downloaded a new iso of the website that it worked it may of been that the iso was broken.

Did you reinstall Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ? or the new one 20.10 ?

yeah I did once I got the new iso, reinstalled and worked a treat.