Snap-store dont display text

I’m new to Lunix and would like getting help to solve a problem with the snap-store.
Texts are not being displayed …


$ snap version
    snap     2.39.3-3
    snapd    2.39.3-3
    series   16
    manjaro  -
    kernel   4.19.56-1-MANJARO

$ snap info core
    name:      core
    summary:   snapd runtime environment
    publisher: Canonical✓
    license:   unset
    description: |
      The core runtime environment for snapd
    type:         core
    snap-id:      99T7MUlRhtI3U0QFgl5mXXESAiSwt776
    tracking:     stable
    refresh-date: today at 18:39 -03
      stable:    16-2.39.3                    2019-06-27 (7270) 92MB -
      candidate: 16-2.39.3                    2019-06-25 (7270) 92MB -
      beta:      16-2.40~pre1                 2019-07-02 (7343) 92MB -
      edge:      16-2.40~pre1+git1391.d09d311 2019-07-09 (7371) 92MB -
    installed:   16-2.39.3                               (7270) 92MB core

I researched here in the forum, but I did not find a related topic.

Thanks in advance for the help!

It looks like your system is missing a font. What localization are you using? Is it English, or something else?

my system is configured to pt-BR

It “sounds like” you are missing the language pack for that local. I am not familiar with Manjaro, so I am not entirely sure how to fix that specific issue. For example, there was an article for adding support to Ubuntu.

What I would do is check in with the Manjaro forums and see how to add pt-BR support. My gut feeling is that this is not a snap specific issue.

I looked up the subject you suggested and found a page with information on how to properly set the display language.

But that still was not enough to solve the problem.
I’ll continue to use snap through the command line …

Anyway, thank you for all your help @bashfulrobot !!

Is this the snap-store snap?

Yes. I have installed It by command

$ sudo snap install snap-store

Tagging @kenvandine and @robert.ancell so they are aware of this issue.

Sorry I was not more help! I see a few additional responses here; so you are likely in good hands! :+1:

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@wrcall I asked @popey to try the snap-store on Manjaro and he said it looked fine for him. Can you please try some other snaps to see if you see something similar? Perhaps try the gnome-calculator snap and report if you see a similar issue.

Hi @wrcall, have you solved this problem then? I have the same problem on arch linux.

I think the problem is related to apparmor… @mborzecki , any idea?
The snaps I install with --classic can access fonts…

I posted some information I collected while debugging this problem in this topic:

The conclusions were that not all snaps are affected, but those that used gnome runtime content snap appeared to be.

Thank you @mborzecki …will follow the topic. Hope it get solved soon.

The issue was solved in Manjaro forum:

It seems like the issue is related to fontconfig update.

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The forum no longer is there, so is there a way to have the solution set here please?

any info on how to solve this issue? im new to all of this

Try giving these commands and running your app:
$ sudo rm -f /var/cache/fontconfig/*
$ rm -f ~/.cache/fontconfig/*

It worked for me to get past an error while trying to run CloudCompare



I am using Fedora 32.
I had the same issue and those commands solved the problem. Thank you.

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