Snap Store doesn't maintain installation status while its installing and the store is navigated

I have been using snap store on both Ubuntu 22.04 and Ubuntu 22.04.01 LTS versions, and I have been facing installation status issues on snap store for larger installations, as whenever I initiate their installation and move to another listing or simply just go back and open the app again to check the installation progress, the progress does not show up on the store, while the installation continues. While if I go back and open it again, the listing again shows up with a “Install” button available as usual. (Can’t screenshot them all as new users can only upload upto one attachment as on date of posting it)

Following this, the installation status cannot be checked, and trying to start afresh shows this issue:

This creates dilemma on if the application is installed successfully or not, and leaves me to keep a check on available software from Ubuntu app search to ensure whether the application is available or not, which comes up following a successful installation usually (yet indefinitely, depending on the application size and other installation factors like package dependency installation, OS Compatibility, etc.). I wanted to report this bug to Ubuntu, but had not been able to report it elsewhere, so I’m posting a thread here with a hope that it will be looked into by Ubuntu team and will reach them. Any leads on the same are welcome!