Snap store connection issue

Hi all,

I’ve installed snap on ubuntu 20.04 (fairly fresh ubuntu install on a hosted server) but when I run a snap install command I get the following error:

error: unable to contact snap store

Running curl -v -D- I get the following output:

snap error 1

I’ve read through a number of posts about this error but can’t seem to find anything to help me.

Thanks in advance, Pieter

There seems to be a problem with your network. I’m not sure if we can help though. Maybe you have a proxy?

No proxy. Everything else seems to work network wise so why not this?

Maybe try the usual network debugging tools, eg. tracepath and see what comes up.

Actually traceroute seems to be doing a better job with TCP SYN, so try this: sudo traceroute -T

Hi, I tried both, output below.


Have you tried running curl again? Maybe it was something temporary?

No sorry, still the exact same output with curl.


It seems it was a firewall issue…

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