Snap Store Badges - now available

We’re happy to announce a small but useful feature to help promote your snapped applications on your own sites and in your documentation. Introducing Snap Store Badges.

These are designed to make it easier for users to identify when a snap is available, and go directly to the snap store page for more info. We recommend making the image a link to

The badges are currently available in 5 languages (EN, FR, DE, JP, ES) and in multiple formats. Feedback and suggestions / issues welcome. Please freely select the one that fits your documentation or download page design best.

Thanks to @pheurton for making these available. They’re licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 UK.


one word: yippeeeeeeeeeee

The text in the SVG design doesn’t seemed to be editable :-/ This makes creating a derivative that mimics the same style a lot difficult.

Nevermind, it is rather an Inkscape problem, I can edit the text now.

I wonder what is the [LC]-snap-store-_flavor_-uneditable SVGs’ purpose?

UPDATE: It seems that the text object in these variants are converted to paths.

Are there any badges with Snap Store Download Counter available? Something like this image

No. We don’t expose downloads or active install data. It’s up to the developer to decide what data they want to reveal. If we had these then someone could easily discover install numbers for someone else’s snap.

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I’ve noticed that I can only see this on the private metric page. Out of curiosity, why is exposing the download numbers a problem?

It’s not our place to expose downloads or weekly active user numbers of 3rd party applications. I will personally happily share numbers I have for things I’ve snapped. But for some applications, especially the proprietary ones - it’s company confidential information. Imagine being able to see exactly how many devices in the field a competitor has because we ‘leak’ the user numbers. That could be detrimental to your business.