Snap-store app reviews and ratings

I would like to give a positive rating and give a review to my favorite app. However there is no way for me to submit a review. Submit button is shaded. Running snap-store --verbose gives me “Ignoring review without distro set”

Also, I am unable to see other people app comments. I have just a app rating.

Try the snap-store from channel, preview/edge.

sudo snap refresh snap-store --channel=preview/edge

It is strange. I can see the reviews, and write one as well, however I am not able to see what I wrote. Also the reviews have changed from yesterday to today. The ones I have seen yesterday are not here any more, any I can see just three reviews. What does “Ignoring review without distro set” mean? Why does snap-store need an access to NetworkManager? I know that snapcraft documentation is still very bad, but does it exist any link to this?