Snap Skype for Linux doesn't launch skype from right directory

When I click on weblinks on snap Skype for LInux, Firefox automatically opens a page that is unsynced and I lose all my bookmarks, preferences and addons. I’m using Firefox 71.0 with Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon and Skype I have a good idea about what first caused the problem. When I was chatting on Skype, I had a whole bunch of apps opened at the same time, which always puts a strain on Linux Mint 19.2, because of my limited RAM, and the OS froze for a while. The problems started with Skype, which kept freezing first. Then, everything in the OS slowed down, and then Skype froze again, and all the other apps temporarily froze, too. And it took almost an hour to close everything up. And the only app I had forgottenn to close before I shut off the PC and rebooted was Skype. I must have created errors related to Skype by shutting down without properly closing skype first. The weblinks on ChatZilla and LibreOffice Write are working and going to the correct Firefox profile instance. That confirms my suspicion that this problem is exclusive to skype. I also tried quitting skype and rebooting my OS again, but the problem persists. It looks like skype is connecting to Firefox from the wrong home folder that contains the wrong Firefox binary. I used about:profiles and about:buildconfig and saw that skype is accessing the wrong profile default from the wrong folder. It looks like skype is linking to the wrong Firefox profile in the wrong home folder. Is there a way to reconfigure the way skype launches firefox?

I heard you could overwrite that innner .mozilla dir with a symlink to the real one, i guess. but is it really a problem with how this snap thing runs skype, not with firefox?