Snap sending account emails to the wrong email address

Snap is still sending some emails to an old email address I changed on the account over a year ago. This should be checked, I can’t see the email listed anymore on my account information. This is very bad. “Your month in snaps” is the document being regularly emailed to the wrong email address.

Unless this is fixed I would be forced to unsubscribe to all Snapscraft emails in an attempt to fix this problem on my end.

Edit: The old email is still listed as the email address for this forum account, that doesn’t seem right that snap would be using the email from my forum account and not my snap account to send me information about my snap packages. My forum email should be used to ONLY send information about forum related topics and NOT snap related topics.

I’m updating this email now hoping it solves the problem. But it makes no sense that my forum account would be linked to my snap account, they are too separate accounts. So this is probably not the cause.

Whatever is causing this, it’s not good. A potential security issue that raises questions about what other odd security issues are lurking.

@Lukewh this one might be for you

I am still receiving the “Your month in snaps” monthly email on an old email address that is no longer configured in my account (while my actual configured email fails to receive this email), I have unsubscribed from all emails in the hope this will stop the emails.

I found the issue, I noticed some other services have the same issue. I am not sure what service you use to send these emails (yes please tell me) but what it is doing is sending to the correct email address but in the email header it is putting the wrong (old) email in the To: part of the email header.

This is very bad, a violation of GDPR to be storing old information like this, no doubt this is a mistake of some caching system.

Please notify me of the service asap so that I can notify them of this issue.