Snap says outdated snaps are latest on Kubuntu 23.10

I am testing Kubuntu 23.10 on a VM and snapd says there are no outdated snaps when there are.

Firefox is at 118.0.1 when the latest is 118.0.2. I have also tested Kubuntu 22.04 and it does not have this problem.

What could be causing this?

“Usually” it would mean that a firefox process is still running.

else please post the results of snap refresh --list and snap changes

hm what does ‘snap info firefox’ say?

Also i am not sure what Tracking latest/stable/… means here , usually it would imply that you are following some (no longer existing) branches. In that case snap refresh firefox --channel=latest/stable might change something (actually it should not change anything). But this seems to imply that you were doing something fancy before?

It is tracking latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 which doesn’t update, when switching to regular latest/stable it updates. I also tested Ubuntu 23.10 and it also came tracking latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 which also doesn’t update, even when using the graphical snap store.

This HAS to be a VM-related bug, right?

Could you please post the result of snap info firefox while tracking latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 ?

This might also be a store issue (?). Maybe open an issue or ask in the store category?

I have also faced this wired thing, I updated from 23.04 to 23.10 but the firefox was from latest/stable instead of ubuntu-23.10/stable. The caveat is, latest/stable doesn’t use wayland for firefox.

Not sure why you say such a thing. It surely does. Running firefox stable (119.0.1-1) on native wayland (debian bookworm/gnome) without issues. I set MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 in the environment though (not sure if that is still necessary).

From firefox latest stable

from the link you posted

# Default to XWayland until native Wayland support is properly tested
# (see

this means, if you do not set MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND it defaults to disable native wayland support.


Yup… set it to 1 for now if you wanna use or use the ubuntu-23.10/latest/stable channel

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Ah, I missed those channels, thanks. But the track you gave is wrong (‘ubuntu-23.10’ track does not exist). Looks like it should be ‘stable/ubuntu-23.10’ or ‘stable/wayland’ should be usable (from ‘latest’ track).