Snap saved output is hard to parse

I find myself running snap saved every so often. When I do, I find the output surprisingly hard to parse. Specifically the Age column. The numbers are all over the place, inconsistent and require additional brain power to interpret. There’s likely a good reason for it, but i can’t fathom it. No other system I use gives dates in such an obtuse way.

61   gnome-history                     31.0d  1.4                               x2   26.3kB  auto
62   gnome-history                     30.9d  1.4                               x1   5.47MB  auto
63   sentry                            18.6d  9.1.1                             x1     383B  auto
64   xxxxx-xxxxx                     18d2h                   x1    143MB  auto
65   gedit                             17d5h  3.32.0+git22.7559e64e5            270  14.5kB  auto
66   gedit                             17d5h  3.32.0+git22.7559e64e5            270  14.0kB  auto
67   hyper                             16.4d  3.0.2                             x3    351kB  auto
68   minecraft                         12.5d  2.1.1349                          15    173MB  auto
69   lsd                               6d23h  0.10.0+git1.097b708-dirty         51     248B  auto
70   veloren                           6d02h  0.1.1                             x1    1145B  auto
71   veloren                           6d01h  0.1.1                             x1    1082B  auto

Hm. The Age field uses a date format that’s meant more for progress bars, I guess. It’s main advantage is that it’s fixed width.

I think we’d agreed to change it to something else. I’ll take a poke at that.

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