'snap run firefox' while /usr/bin/firefox is running

Hi everyone

This is my 1st post, so I’m sorry if I’m doing anything wrong…

In an Ubuntu 16.10(yakkety)/Cinnamon3.0.7 box, I have Mozilla Firefox 54.0 installed.
Recently, I discovered snaps (great work guys!!) and I installed Firefox Quantum(stable: 59.0.2-1).

I want to run both Fs at the same time (i.e. while I have an F54 window opened, open another window of F59).
With F54 running, if I do a snap run firefox, another F54 window opens.
With F59 running, if I do a /usr/bin/firefox &, another F59 window opens.

Shouldn’t what I’m trying to do be possible?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hiya. I think what you’re suggesting is indeed sane, but Firefox has (for as long as I can remember) had a long standing “issue” that it will always launch a new window on the currently running version. This isn’t unique to the snap.

As an aside, you should seriously consider upgrading your 16.10 machine. It’s long out of support and you’ll get no security/bug fixes on it. :slight_smile:


maybe add --new-instance --profilemanager to the launcher will help?

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HI, thanks for your reply.
It sounds absurd to me, but, again, I’m not an FF dev…
And, yes, I know - it’s just that it’s -kind of- a production box. I’m waiting for a proper window…
Thanks again.

Your --new-instance did the trick!