Snap rename on upstream project changes

I’m currently maintaining a snap package for a project which has been renamed by upstream. The few search results in this forum show that there isn’t any renaming process in place, but it also appears that some snaps have been renamed in past, manually by staff members of the store.

What would be the best strategy to follow when a project changes its name? Can a manual rename be requested to the store admins?

If not, as an alternative should the process look like this?

  1. Register new name on store
  2. Upload new snap
  3. Update old snap description with deprecation notice on the store listing
  4. Hope users notice and migrate over
  5. After some time delete old snap or make it private?

Someone suggested to add an alert inside the old snap to inform the users, that would only work if upstream implements this, but many maintainers are from the community and have no power to influence upstream.

The big downside of the ‘workaround’ approach is that user settings and data are not going to get migrated over to the new snap, resulting in data loss

Any chance to request a rename? :crossed_fingers: