Snap remove very slow

Hi, I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and I installed microk8s via snap and now I want to remove it with: sudo snap remove microk8s but it is not working and it is running for more than 10 minutes like this:

Save data of snap "microk8s" in automatic snapshot set #14                                             /

I have removed and installed microk8s before and everything was working but this time it is not working.


After around 15 minutes it could remove the microk8s. But why it took so much time to remove the microk8s.

it’s creating an automatic snapshot of the data before removal. You can skip this with --purge.

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A hint would be in order. Maybe the UX can be improved by checking if the user has a seat (capable of answering a question) and prompting if they want to backup (default yes)?

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No prompting.

But, you can disable automatic snapshots, as documented elsewhere.

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