Snap refresh core snap failed and auto-refresh error

Hi, recently i am testing the custom ubuntu-core system, i find two issue for snap refresh.
one is Auto-refresh snap “core” Error

how to find the error reason and fixed the Auto-refresh snap “core” Error.
Another one is i use “snap refresh" command manual. the core snap(rev 8692) can download and mount in the ubuntu-core system successfully. i have check before autorebot the /snap/core/ dir have two version core snap(rev 7715 and rev 8692)


But after the snap refresh finished and autoreboot the ubuntu-core system, i check the snap core version is still (rev 7715) and can’t found the new core snap (rev 8692)in the ubuntu-core system.

how to analysis this problem, expecting a reply?

to get more detailed logs for a failed change from the first screenshot you do:

snap change <change-id>

that should give you a bit more info where exactly the error occured …

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Do you know the reason for auto-refresh Error?