Snap python web server

Hello Snapcarfter,

I’m trying to snap a very simple web server created in python, in the linux virtual machine, the snap is running without any issues,
but once, I want to deploy the snap on another machine, I got an issue telling me, that the cannot be found, I suspect an issue in the configuration of .yaml file, but I’m not able to find it, Screenshot%20from%202020-04-26%2000-57-07

can you help me ?
let me know if you need more information ?


and this is the structure of my application, do I miss something ?


in the, I have just a very basic program, to create a web server.

You can try setting the full path to, using the $SNAP variable, e.g.: python3 $SNAP/

Hi. What is in /snap/yoursnapname/current/? My guess is you’re looking for the dump plugin instead of the python plugin as you’re wanting to dump all the files into your base snap directory rather than running a script or similar?