Snap proxy air gap mode

We are trying to setup a snap proxy in air gap mode and snap proxy status shows below output. Not sure, what i am doing wrong.

snap-proxy status 
Store URL: - [Errno 111] Connection refused (check `snap-proxy config proxy.domain`)
Store DB: ok
Failed to fetch local assertions: 503 Server Error: Service Unavailable for url:
Store is in device authenticated air-gapped mode
Store ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Custom local stores: none
Local account keys:
  Account ID    Name    Public Key SHA3-384
Internal Service Status:
  memcached: running
  nginx: not running: [Errno 111] Connection refused
  packagereview: running
  packagereview-worker: running
  publishergw: running
  snapassert: running
  snapauth: running
  snapdevicegw: running
  snapdevicegw-local: running
  snapident: running
  snapproxy: running
  snaprevs: running
  snapstorage: not running: [Errno 111] Connection refused