snap packages need to be improved and fixed!

Snap packages should be improved.
we enter the ubuntu-software we see several programs that do not work, with malware that are not previously checked, programs with no license indicated with unset.
Anyone is packaging programs and doing it wrong and done poorly.
I think the snaps are very good but it should improve a bit to work well.

Like any software, there are bugs. General threads like this which don’t cite specific issues are very difficult to ‘fix’. It’s like taking a car to your garage and saying “It’s broken” and walking away without explaining specifically what’s wrong. Is it a blown tyre, run out of oil, using too much fuel, who knows!?

What precisely doesn’t work? Be specific. Name applications which “don’t work”, and in what way don’t they work? Do they not launch, not look right? Be specific.

Such as?

I agree that all things can be improved. But vague hand-wavy statements like this help nobody.

The best way to get things fixed is to report bugs