Snap package ignoring cursor theme

System info:

Distribution: Ubuntu 23.10
DE: GNOME 45.2
WM: Mutter
Windowing System: Wayland
snap:    2.61.1
snapd:   2.61.1
kernel:  6.5.0-15-generic

I have cursor theme at $HOME/.icons. Snap apps does not respect that location. It looks a bit weird. Is there a solution ? I know it’s due to sandboxing but how can we allow $HOME/.icons access?

Icon themes also need to be installed in the snap. As it’s not possible… move the cursor theme to the snap’s .icons folder. i.e $HOME/snap/<snap-name>/current/.local/share/icons

This is a lot of work… but you may try some auto mating commands…

I moved the icons to $HOME/snap/<snap-name>/current/.local/share/icons still no change. Am I missing something?

You’d have to do this for each of those snaps. Try logging-out and logging in also.