Snap package file size limit on the store


I’m wondering if there’s a file size limit for .snap packages on the official snapstore? I have a .snap package that’s roughly 5.5 GB, and since I’m getting 500 errors when uploading with no additional info, I’m guessing that my snap is over the limit, but can’t find any official clarification on this?

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Thanks for reporting this issue. We are looking into this, it seems to be related to a timeout in the object storage load balancers. We will file a ticket to get this investigated by the team running that service.

Will update the topic as soon we get more information.


Greetings verterok,

thank you for your response. If there’s anything from my side that would help you in debugging the issue, let me know, will gladly help out.


EDIT: If it helps, there are some logs here: Receiving [500] Internal Server Error while pushing a snap to store


are there any updates regarding this issue?

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I spoke to @wgrant about this at the Ubuntu Summit a couple of weeks ago. He mentioned that they’re a bit busy with the engineering sprint following the summit but should be able to get to the problem soon after. Hopefully tagging him will elicit a timeline. :pray:

Hi, Apologize for the delay. Please let me know if this is still an issue and we can try to debug it.