Snap package cannot open another snap package

The problem is that the office cannot be opened from the dbeaver-ce snap package (any application that supports xlsx file)
DBeaver-ce can generate an xlsx file from tables and open it automatically in the corresponding application (Libreoffice).
So through the snap package dbeaver-ce, the xlsx file is generated without problems, but it does not open the office, giving the error Can't open xlsx file '/tmp/.dbeaver-temp8476262729635643453/20200813-174604.xlsx'

Is there some problem in allowing access between snap packets or some other error?

How are you trying to trigger another snap to open the xlsx file that is generated? Are you using portals or xdg-open or something else?

each snap has it’s own private /tmp directory, so you won’t be able to share files this way. The location you can use depends on how your snap is triggering this file to be opened. If you are using portals, you can actually still use /tmp, as the portal system will ensure that the file is copied to a suitable directory that the opening application can access.

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Using native gtk calls from eclipse.