Snap Package Ansible Module

I have been doing a bunch of work with Ansible lately, which sorely lacks a snap package module. There is currently a PR in for very basic support from a community member.

I just thought I would post this here because:

  1. Visibility to the snap community
  2. In case the Snapcraft/Canonical wanted to start getting a presence in the configuration management community
  3. Identify that while you can leverage snaps by issuing a raw snap command, but it cannot take advantage of the previous run state to skip over previously installed snap packages, etc. So it is very inefficient at the moment.

Just an update for anyone tracking this:

A snap module has been merged into git master version of Ansible as of October 2018. The earliest it will land in stable will be version 2.8.

So ansible is on its way to supporting snaps!

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Thanks for the heads up @bashfulrobot, I’m actually a pretty heavy ansible user these days, too :slight_smile: .

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Yeah! I’m stoked this is in - wasn’t very efficient as I was just calling the snap commands - so they would run every time (not needed).

Small update. Looks like this will land in Ansible V2.8.

Dev docks are available here.