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There’s a couple of snaps we have where we’d like to change the ownership. If see a few similar topics, what I’d really like to do is get some guidance on how we can set a team or group to own a snap - maybe using something like Launchpad groups. It’s more usual that teams want to have rights on a snap than individuals, and in particular we have a couple that need changes now.

One is the prometheus-ceph-exporter snap, currently owned by jhebden who has left the company and won’t be wanting to maintain the snap any longer. Ideally this would be owned by ~prometheus-charmers.

The other is bootstack-ops, which I own, and would like to transfer the ownership to ~canonical-is-bootstack.

I don’t know if those groups exist in the store though - and if not, is it possible to change that?


go to, select the snap you want to share, click the “collaboration” link in the menu on the left, add a comma separated list of SSO account mail addresses for the people you want to share with and click the green button underneath … once they confirmed the mail they got, they will find the package in their own dashboard page and are able to upload, release and modify the packages.

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Thanks, if I understand that correctly, it means adding individuals. That means for every snap the team maintains, every change to the team means changing every snap. It’s a recipe for errors.

What we’d like to achieve is having groups, just like there exists in Launchpad. Is that possible?

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I think it sadly is not. Ubuntu SSO ( does currently not have a concept of groups, for the moment you will likely have to copy/paste the comma separated list from snap to snap (someone from the store team please correct me if thats wrong)


Correct, the Snap Store does not support groups currently. So adding individual collaborators and also requesting a transfer of the snap to an account detached from a single individual is they suggested method.

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Given that, we have no choice but to add names until/if that changes.

Can I therefore ask if someone can please assist to transfer the ownership of the prometheus-ceph-exporter charm from James Hebden to myself? He’s left Canonical and won’t have access to his old email address, and the other address on the snap is also unreachable.

Hi @xavpaice,

I’ve checked the status of the prometheus-ceph-exporter snap and transferred it to you, from James Hebden.


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