Snap or Snappy?

Which term is now preferable to mention these sort of things?

Most people seem to use the term ‘snappy’ because we used it early on and it stuck, so many people still use that term. The irc channel is #snappy and the wikipedia page is “Snappy”. We generally refer to ‘snapd’ (which sounds very like ‘snappy’ when said aloud in some accents :wink: ). We say ‘snaps’ when we talk about the packages and ‘snapcraft’ and ‘build’ as the tools which build them.


The official Ubuntu website still says ‘Snappy’ under the Desktop category in the category bar!

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Yup. That may change :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using “snappy” to refer to the whole ecosystem (or to unknown parts of it), whereas if I use snapd, snap, snapcraft, snapalicious, etc., then I mean exactly that part of it.

The launchpad organisation also follows this somewhat, with a “snappy” project meant to be a catch all for snapd, the ubuntu core images and related tooling, and snapcraft.