Snap on Debian 10 Buster

Hi All,

Trying to get the best of both the Synaptic pkg manger and Snap. However there seems to be an issue with Snap not showing installed applications.

I have followed some of the suggestions online by rebooting, loging off and on again but there doesn’t seem to be a fix under the current release of Debian 10.

If I launch an app from CLi it works, but that means I have to remember all apps installed or use snap list to find whats installed.

Has anyone else found a workaround?

These problems are usually caused by a problem with environment variables. Can you open a new terminal and then run:

env |grep XDG_DATA_DIRS=

and then

systemctl --user show-environment |grep XDG_DATA_DIRS=

What is your shell and your desktop environment?