Snap not opened by protocol-URL

Dear snap developers,

I distribute my software as .deb (and other files) and as snap. However, for some reason, the snap does not open when I navigate to my custom protocol-URL in a browser (For the .deb version everything works fine). I use electron-forge and @davidwinter/electron-forge-maker-snap maker to create the snap app. Any ideas of why this could happen?

Best, Krispin

Does your snap ship a desktop file?

Does the desktop file contain MimeType=x-scheme-handler/<your-custom-protocol>?

When you run xdg-open <your-custom-protocol>://<some-rul>, is your snap started?

Does XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable contain /var/lib/snapd/desktop?

Hi, thanks so much for your reply and sorry for my late reply. Your answer was very helpful. I ended up switching from electron forge to electron builder and everything worked like a charm.