Snap name "conjure" is reserved

Palantir has recently open sourced their project conjure. I’m working to snap up the three supported language binaries (python, typescript, java) into a single snap package - conjure. How does a reserved name get released?

I guess you tried to register through the web, trying so through the CLI tells you where to go (and I guess this is part of the UI still stuck in the old world):

 sergiusens  ~  snapcraft register conjure

We always want to ensure that users get the software they expect
for a particular name.

If needed, we will rename snaps to ensure that a particular name
reflects the software most widely expected by our community.

For example, most people would expect ‘thunderbird’ to be published by
Mozilla. They would also expect to be able to get other snaps of
Thunderbird as 'thunderbird-$username'.

Would you say that MOST users will expect 'conjure' to come from
you, and be the software you intend to publish there? [y/N]: y
Registering conjure.
The name 'conjure' is reserved.

If you are the publisher most users expect for 'conjure' then please claim the name at ''

Otherwise, please register another name.

So just go to

Hey @marcoceppi,

If you went thru the dashboard UI, when you try to register a reserved name you get instructions on what to do next. It says:

So you should fill in the “comment” box explaining how you are related to the name, whether you are part of the official maintainer team, etc. Once the form is submitted, the name will be reviewed by the name reviewers and you will receive emails with the updates.

Cheers, Natalia.

That is correct for dashboard @natalia , but not the new UI (…yet at least. The following is all you get to see:


This might be a mishap, @pheurton or @Lukewh this may be something for you to look at.

I think this is probably a genuine namespace collision. conjure is a package name already used, for example in Ubuntu Xenial, for something completely different:

AFAICT it got renamed to conjure-up and is now a snap registered under that name.

I have no opinion on what to do about the conflict; I’m just an observer. But hopefully knowing the history there is helpful.