Snap Metrics Improvements


I would like to bring forward a few metrics that would be helpful to be plotted as graphs for the publisher.

  • Retention rate. How many people are still using the snap after X amount of time. This is a very useful (and common) metric as it shows how many loyal users you have. Right now we can get (through the API) the number of devices that continue to have the snap for more than a week. If we get this number as a percentage over the total amount of devices it would be the weekly retention rate. Let’s plot this :slight_smile: . It would also be great if we could have the retention rate over a publisher defined period. In some case it would make sense to know “how many users are still with us after two months”.

  • Growth rate over time. I know we have the total number of devices but it is also important to know by how much my users increase. Again we already have all the data required for this but no graph.

  • Ratio of unhappy clients over time. The ratio of unhappy clients (lost devices) is very important not to plot. This info would easily correlate with features and releases. It shows how appealing your product is.

  • Make it easy to correlate with external events. I understand this might be too much. All these metrics make sense only if you can correlate them with events that happen in your product’s life. It would have been awesome if we could put markers on a graph indicating events. The idea is to correlate a deployments increase with a feature release or a marketing event (conference talk, blog post etc). It does not have to be anything fancy. Just a way to say “on X date Y happened; create a marker on the graph”.

Thank you for your consideration, Konstantinos


Thanks for the suggestions @kjackal. This week we are planning the changes for the next cycle and considering your points, particularly retention and growth.

I will updated the topic with the related commitments as soon as they settle.

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Any commitments on this, @cprov ?