Snap login requesting 2FA when I don't have one

Hey snapcrafters!

I used to work at Canonical, so had 2FA into Launchpad. I believe that if you’re no working for Canonical, this isn’t an option so is removed when you leave. Problem is that snap login still request one.

Maybe one for @popey @Wimpress or @elopio?

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Same issue with snapcraft login

snapcraft at least gets a return code that 2fa is required for the account which makes me suspect this is an SSO toggle that has been missed; @cjwatson any ideas here?

@joedborg, what’s your Launchpad account name?

@cjwatson Joe’s LP account is:

Thanks @Wimpress, I missed @cjwatson’s reply.

Apparently you still have 2FA devices set up. Do you still have possession of them?

Yes, I’d much prefer keeping 2FA, but it seems that’s only available to people in the “Canonical” group. As soon as I was removed from that, stopped asking for 2FA.

Could you please email about this? Our SSO admins will need to conduct an email exchange with you to verify your identity (which we can’t do from the forum alone).

After you’ve recovered access to your account, could you please file a bug against SSO for us to look into why you ended up in this state with 2FA simultaneously mandatory and forbidden?

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Thanks! I’ve sent the email but the SSO bug link is invalid (maybe it’s behind the VPN?).

Oops, I meant to say SSO.