Snap layouts



One of my snaps that uses layouts suddenly gets rejected on automatic review in the store:

invalid source mount: '$SNAP/api/tmp'(should be a legal path and not start with: /boot, /dev, /home, /lib/firmware, /lib/modules, /lost+found, /media, /proc, /run, /sys, /tmp, /var/lib/snapd, /var/snap lint-snap-v2_layout_target ($SNAP/api/tmp)

full review output

As you can see in the snapcraft.yaml source, I’m mapping $SNAP/some/path to $SNAP_DATA/some/path. The application running in $SNAP/api expects everything to exist beneath its root directory, but some of those have to be writable. The previous snap revisions (last one built on 2019-07-04) went through review just fine. I tried with and without the passthrough wrapper, so I presume that the store gained layout linting in the meantime.

Is this expected? What can I do to have my snap pass review again?


It did. I’ll take a look and respond via the store review process.


Ok, as you probably saw, I approved these. The fix is in master and I’ve requested a store pull.


Thank you for the fast response + fix + approvals, much appreciated!

Is there a repo/status page where I can see if the fix has been deployed, so that I don’t push revisions until this passes again?


No, but it just got deployed so feel free to upload again :slight_smile:


Given that review-tools are a separate public project, it might make sense for the dashboard to display somewhere which revision it is using ATM, probably not interesting for everybody and not super high-prio, but not silly either.


@roadmr - how feasible is this?


Currently, the version of the review tools a particular snap was scanned with is shown as part of the review results. For example, go to:

under "Automated review " there’s an expandable section with “X passes”, and expanding that will show the tools version such as:

20190717-1931UTC click-reviewers-tools version

But this, of course, requires doing a snap upload to see which tools version is active at the moment.

I’ll look into adding this information in a generic place, though we’d have to find such a place and also decide if it’s OK to show this (i.e. is it sensitive information in any way?).

  • Daniel


As a user, I’d intuitively look over at (though the deployed review-tools version is not really a status in that sense) or in the dashboard of my deployed snaps. But I guess the multitude of build options (, launchpad project, …?) makes it hard to find a sensible and central place to put that information.