Snap-Installed Software Blocked from Launching

In the last few days, there seems to be some software on my system that is interfering with my snap-installed packages. For some reason, they simply stop responding, then after closing they are unable to relaunch, as though they are being blocked. What types of changes could have caused this? I have verified that it is only affecting snaps. How do I identify the culprit?

Originally, it began after a bad kernel installation (which added a number virtualization configs that ruined my system, including taking about 5 minutes for the OS to boot). That installation was removed, but apparently not completely (for example, the booting delay remains). Now it only happens after running very resource intensive applications (that use 8-10 GB of RAM per session). That is the only connection I have identified so far. Swap is disabled on this machine. What would prevent snaps from running? And, how might this be connected to VM configurations?