Snap-Installed Gimp can not process screenshots which are made in /tmp

I have created a bug report concerning Gimp. But it was no Gimp issue. Finally I created bug report

From there I got the explanation:

“This is a byproduct of the confinement that the snapd enforces on strictly confined snaps. /tmp is unfortunately unique per snap and so the GIMP snap cannot access the path from the host system.”

Ok, this may explain why it is not a bug of Gimp or Gnome and that it is a consequence of a design decision in Snap. But the result is quite questionable and makes average users wonder about weird computer behavior.

I would recommend that you think about circumventing this problem by some way of making the directory /tmp accessible to programs installed by snap, because e.g. screenshots and other stuff might be placed there and ghe user may want to process it by a snap-application.

This should be fixed via xdg-desktop-portal, which needs some time to be adopted by the snaps.